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Participation Service Award

Available to qualified members of the Band of Pride. Students must participate in the Marching Band of Pride for credit in the Fall Quarter. Additional awards are available to members of the Marching Band who audition into the performing groups of the concert season in the winter and spring quarters.

Students who are only interested in participating during the concert season are welcome to audition at the announced time, normally 4-5 weeks before the end of the fall quarter. Participation awards are not normally awarded to members who do not also participate in the marching band.

Band Staff Awards

Available to selected band members for service to the Band of Pride in the support areas of the band including Uniform, Equipment, Library, and Administrative support. Award is by application and interview.

Jazz Ensemble Service Awards

Available to students who successfully audition into the membership of the University Jazz Ensemble.

Hoop Troop Basketball Band Service Award

Available to members of the current Marching Band of Pride who are selected to participate.

Band Auxiliary Service Award

Awarded to members of the Marching Band Drum Line and Color Guard.

Performing Arts Out of State Fee Waiver

Available to qualified students who participate in the performing ensembles or qualifying performances of the School of the Performing Arts. Incoming freshmen must have a high school GPA of at least 2.5 and transfer students must have at least a 2.5 GPA on at least 24 hours of college credit. Award is based on successfully auditioning into a qualifying ensemble and a personal interview with the appropriate faculty member.

Performing Arts Dorm Waiver

Full or partial dorm scholarships are available to students pursuing majors in music (Music BA, Music Performance, and Music Education) Selection is by audition and is based on talent and/or need.

Music Service Awards

Music Awards are available to students pursuing a major in music (Music BA, Music Performance, or Music Education) who participate in a major ensemble each quarter. Selection is based on audition with award amount determined on talent and/or need.